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SODIUM HYDROXIDE (caustic soda)

supply and distribution

Also known as caustic soda, UBA supplies a great deal of industries with liquid and solid sodium hydroxide. Highly alkaline, sodium hydroxide is a basic chemical which is used to manufacture a variety of different products. We offer many different concentrations of caustic soda, depending on your requirements.  

UBA’s chemical distribution know-how and services guarantee hazard-free chemical distribution. Trust UBA, a reliable sodium hydroxide distributor who has been in the chemical distribution business since 1956, for your needs. UBA also distributes many other chemical products. 

  • Chemical formula of sodium hydroxide: NaOH
  • Sodium hydroxide synonyms : caustic soda, soda, sodium hydrate or lye.

Liquid Sodium Hydroxide

UBA guarantees secure distribution for 10% to 50% concentrated liquid sodium hydroxide (liquid caustic soda). Our private fleet ensures prompt delivery for bulk and partial bulk volumes. We also offer liquid sodium hydroxide in other formats such as totes, delcans, pails, drums and other smaller sizes. Additional chemical distribution services are offered by UBA to ensure stress-free inventory management for your caustic soda needs.

The main use of 10% sodium hydroxide is as an analytical dosing agent whereas other concentrations of sodium hydroxide can be used in chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, petroleum, rubber, textile, water treatment, and many other industries.

Solid sodium hydroxide (pearls)

UBA also provides solid sodium hydroxide in 22.7 kg and 25 kg bags. Pearls of sodium hydroxide (solid caustic soda) supplied in this format by UBA are much simpler to transport, thus are perfectly suited for certain communities located far from our distribution centers. In addition, solid sodium hydroxides’ higher concentration [99% minimum] serves industries who may need this product less frequently or may be located in remote areas. Solid sodium hydroxide is used by the same types of industries as liquid sodium hydroxide.

UBA is uniquely specialized in the sale of packaged chemicals and sets itself apart through its expertise in the delivery of bulk and partial-bulk chemicals.

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