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Phosphoric Acid

supply and distribution

Phosphoric acid is one of the many chemical products offered by UBA. This acid a sequestering agent commonly used as a stripping and anti-rust treatment in the metal surface finishing and plating industries. Phosphoric acid is a colourless and odourless acid which is also often used in the water treatment industry to stabilize pH levels.

UBA is a trusted Canadian chemical supplier specialized in bulk and partial-bulk chemical distribution. We offer diversified chemical distribution services to best meet our customers’ requirements.   

  • Chemical formula of phosphoric acid: H3PO4
  • Synonyms of phosphoric acid: Orthophosphoric acid, Phosphoric acid, Phosphoric acid solid, White phosphoric acid

uba, a trusted phosphoric acid distributor

UBA is one of the founding members of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC). Our strong focus on reliability and sustainability makes us the proper partner for your chemical distribution requirements.

UBA supplies NSF, ANSI and CAN60 certified phosphoric acid in an aqueous solution. We offer 75% and 85% concentrated phosphoric acid in bulk, partial bulk, totes, delcans pails and drums. Other concentrations and formats are available upon request.

This chemical product is used in industries needing a non-oxidizing mineral acid such as agri-food, pulp and paper, automotive, specialty chemical manufacturing, agricultural, wastewater treatment, etc. UBA supplies many other industries with phosphoric acid, if your industry or application isn’t listed among our product description, don’t hesitate to enquire our experts.

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